At Dapa we are able provide a range of additional services alongside our standard online offers

Extended Size Range

Whilst all of our products are available in Small to 4XL with a small surcharge for 3XL & 4XL we do appreciate that ever customer is different and for this reason we can make most items in 5XL to 7XL by special request - Please note these items are classed as bespoke and therefore are more expensive and may require a new pattern to be graded and cut. We are happy to discuss your needs by phone, email or indeed in person at the studio, where we will do our best to facilitate you and your request

Bespoke Pricing: Standard price (S-XXL) +20 % & pattern charge of £12 to £18 (if required)

Bespoke Clothing Design

On occasion we can facilitate the design and manufacture of bespoke items within the field we work and our knowledge/skill base. Most bespoke requests we get are to change colour variations, make one of our standard shorts to include panels etc, these we can usually facilitate easily and with minimal additional charges. If you have something you require then we will do our best to help. We are not always able to undertake bespoke orders as this will depend on how busy we are with core range products as we are only a small band of merry men. some bespoke work will require a new pattern to be cut and an initial sample making, for this there is a one of charge of between £20 & £30, this pattern will then be stored for your future use and yours alone (the pattern remains the property of Dapa Designs Ltd).

Pricing: Bespoke Estimate + £20 to £30 Surcharge (first pair/product of a design only)


Bespoke Bedding Design

Further to our standard range of Bedding (Coming soon) we offer a bespoke option.

Bedding is a very bespoke item and therefore the customer is responsible for supplying the correct details which we will work to, all estimates are provided with no obligation and can only be provided once we have your requirements. Your estimate will include a £20 design charge and all payments are payable prior to manufacture.

All bedding we make will be made in panels as the fabric we use is not large enough to make a double or King in two pieces, so this give the buyer the opportunity to have duo colour combinations IE: black in the middle and both edge pieces in red or another colour. We endeavour to ensure the seam is toward the edge of the fabric rather than down the centre. Where possible, unless you specify otherwise or your design lends itself to a centre seam.

Whether you require a full set of bedding, just a couple of pillowcases or even just a single cushion cover - we can help. we are able to make duvet covers and pillowcases in dual fabrics IE: PVC on the top and Nylon Satin on the underside, the possibilities are vast so really it's all about your imagination, you could have a hi vis set made in yellow Hi vis with grey fluorescent stripes on the pillow cases and down and across the bedding so to replicate the back of a hi vis jacket, the underside could be done in a silver grey satin or a colour of your choice, the bottom sheet could be in either of the fabrics, so there are many options.

Latex or very heavyweight fabrics such as leather require specialist machinery, which we do not have. We can produce bedding to meet most requirements in terms of stocked fabrics, we work with Nylon Satin, PVC, Ripstop Nylon, Hi Viz Nylon and other fabrics on occasion.

Bespoke Pricing: From £150 for a Single Bed Full Set (Duvet Cover, 2 Pillowcases & Bottom Sheet - In one fabric & 1 colour combination) Please note Double & Kingsize come with 4 Pillowcases as standard although you can order additional.

Please note: our items are made in high quality fabrics, our satins can be washed and dried time and time again with very little ironing, please do not confuse our satin with the cheap poly satin sets which wash poorly and snag!! so after a couple of uses loose there sensual feel and glossy look.

All bespoke work is undertaken where time allows and is subject to a 21 (business) day manufacture time. Whilst we do all we can to beat this time we want to manage your expectation accordingly. Manufacture time does not include postage time so please note international orders can take up to an additional 21 days to arrive depending on the postal service chosen – so please allow 6 weeks from order to delivery

Wholesale (No Drop shipping)

We are happy to offer a wholesale option - so if you are an online retailer (non-eBay) or you have an independent sports shop wishing to stock some of the Dapa Range then please do get in touch.


Repairs (not alterations)

We know how awful it can be when your favourite pair of shorts goes all floppy as the elastic has deteriorated. Later in 2019 we will be offering a waistband a seam repair service, yes you can wear those favourite shorts again. Repair price will be based on what sort of repair is required and the time required to un pick the item and then repair.

Example: Waistband repair to a pair of standard size shorts (No Drawstring) to un pick waistband and remove elastic will take about 45 mins, to replace waistband and add 3 to 4 rows of stitching 15 mins so cost of labour at £10 per hour and materials of £2.50 would be £12,50 for this repair + postage to the studio and return postage to you. It’s not the cheapest option but it is time consuming to unpick garments, hence the cost.

Fabric Swatches

Not sure what shorts or undies to buy or what colour combos you would like on your bedding, then why not order a swatch pack. We can offer two packs to meet your needs.

Pack 1 - Satin & PVC Pack + 17 Trim Colour Swatches £6.00 plus postage.

Pack 2 – As pack 1, but also Lace, Silky, Ripstop, Camo & Hi Viz samples £10.00 Plus Postage.

To order one of our Swatch packs or if you are interested in any of our additional services then please contact us, using the links/numbers etc on our contact page and we will do our best to assist you.